When Dutch language is your problem we can say our office is able to provide all accounting activities and contacts in English.
Always feel free to contact us for furhter details.
Additional services listed below ment for foreign companies doing business within The Netherlands.

Providing services or products from a within The Netherlands situated entity require a Dutch residence. Renting a full office stricktly for 'administrative reasons' is rather expensive.
We offer several ways to fullfill this need. Tuned to your needs and possibilities a office location will be available for post, visiting reasons, telephone and so on.
Accounting is our core-business. Daily bookkeeping, tax handling, reporting can be professionally provided. Using our cloud-portal all files, forms, correspondence will be digitalised enabling a direct accessibility to you.
Enabling your clients to reach you by phone in The Netherlands might be a mandatory or required condition to your activities of the Dutch entity. Telephone approachability can be provided in several ways.
It's very imaginable you need advice or assistance from a Dutch specialist. Might be a notary, a lawyer, a tax advisor or certifying auditor. We will be able to assist you by our selves or a specialist from within our network.
On purpose our services are restricted to "daily matters" upto annual accounts. You'll be providing al lot of trust in our activities. That's why we don't offer certified audit. Outsourcing this to a fully independent auditor provides you extra value about our activities.
Mainly our cloud facilities enables a healthy and secure way of sharing files, documents, reports between your and our activities. Could even be with your own branding and open for usage with your other contacts or clients. Also usable on mobile devices.

Many applications available.

(More information about My Files Portal)
Using VOIP technology enables you to track all communications or doing a own telephone call from your location using your Dutch company telephone number. Also cost-effective.

Mijn Bedrijfs Punt

Administratiekantoor MKB met net die extra's.
Accounting activities including software solutions.


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